Reckon you’ve got what good grammar, yeah?

For the past little while we’ve been working with the good folks at TED Ed to fully design and animate a series of Grammar-based videos. We created two distinct designs for the project, and made good re-use of those styles to combine and influence the subsequent videos. The topics covered were about when and where to use the semicolon; how to use an apostrophe; the lexical ambiguity that are one-word sentences; how to use a modifier, and lastly, the conundrum that is Me, Myself, and I.

So throw that thinking cap on and have a watch below! Go on!

How to use a semicolon:

When to use apostrophes:

Buffalo buffalo buffalo: One-word sentences and how they work:

When to use “me”, “myself” and “I”:

How misused modifiers can hurt your writing:

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