Welcome to the Zoo!

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The Zoo needs YOU! Yes, you! We here at Karrot are so proud to finally be able to show you the work we've been doing with the good folks at...

Karrot gets Grammatical

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Reckon you've got what good grammar, yeah? For the past little while we've been working with the good folks at TED Ed to fully design and animate a series of...

Karrot enjoys a brew with Tetley at the movies

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Fancy a cuppa? Karrot, PPC (The Picture Production Company) and Tetley are brewing up a storm with a series of Movie Time with Tetley shorts, two of which are airing...

Karrot and Wonky Star bring the Night Zookeeper to life!

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We're thrilled to announce that Karrot and Wonky Star are teaming up to bring the wonderful world of the Night Zookeeper to life! Night Zookeeper is an educational game that...