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Karrot on TV!Tish Tash

Tish Tash is coming to CBeebies!

By 6th August 2021No Comments

Exciting news! After successfully launching in South Korea, Tish Tash is set to air on CBeebies this September!

Tish Tash (52 x 5’)  follows the adventures of a young bear called Tish and her ridiculously huge imagination! With her larger-than-life imaginary friend, Tash – together they create new worlds of adventure around themselves! 

No matter what troubles they face — be it surviving long, boring car trips or helping Tish’s baby brother when he loses his favourite toy — Tish & Tash embark on imaginative adventures, finding their own creative angle to solve any problems that life throws at them.

Family life is at the core of the series. With sparky, kid-voiced performances and genuine warmth created by believable and funny family dynamics. Both kids and parents will deeply identify with the stories and be inspired by the imaginative play and problem solving.

The show is a global collaboration between South Korean animation studio – Studio Gale, Singapore-based August Media Holdings, Philippines media group Synergy88, UK distributor Cake and Karrot.   We helped with developing the show, then provided our expertise in Writing, Storyboarding and Animatic Production, Voice Direction Art Direction, Animation Supervision & Episode Direction.

The Karrot team was quite a streamlined crew, working with excellent artists, directors and producers at Studio Gale, August Media & Synergy 88. We’re very proud and excited that our friends at Cake are distributing and CBeebies have found a home for the series in the UK!

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