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What’s an adventure without friends? We say ‘hej!’ to some friendly bears while out caravaning. 

And what an adventure it’s been! We know it will be hard to bear but that’s all the newness for now. 

You can re-watch the episodes on My5 whenever you want, and watch this space for when there is more to come! 

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A new week, a new adventure! Adventure Caravan, that is. Hop on in, let’s drive and see some amazing sights! And spuds! 

The adventure continues tomorrow with Caravan Friends on Milkshake at 7.10am!

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Quiet please! We’re about to serve up a fantastic episode, you’re sure to love. Sorry for the puns, the umpire might have to call a fault on us there…

The adventures continue tomorrow with Adventure Caravan! On Milkshake at 7.10am!

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Wahoo, it’s the weekend! It’s time to jump for joy! Why not use a Jumping Stick? Daddy Pig is a bit of an expert, so let’s get to jumping, eh?

If you’d rather a different type of stick, Racquet Games will be hitting the air tomorrow on Milkshake, 7.10am!

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It’s time for some Sunny Day Games! We know it’s not all that sunny where we are right now, but it’s nice to be aspirational, eh? Watch it now on My5! And leave a comment below - does the episode match your summer weather where you are? 

Tomorrow, come rain or shine, we are settling down to watch a Magic Trick 20 years in the making - you can catch it on Milkshake at 7.10am

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