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What’s an adventure without friends? We say ‘hej!’ to some friendly bears while out caravaning. 

And what an adventure it’s been! We know it will be hard to bear but that’s all the newness for now. 

You can re-watch the episodes on My5 whenever you want, and watch this space for when there is more to come! 

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A new week, a new adventure! Adventure Caravan, that is. Hop on in, let’s drive and see some amazing sights! And spuds! 

The adventure continues tomorrow with Caravan Friends on Milkshake at 7.10am!

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Quiet please! We’re about to serve up a fantastic episode, you’re sure to love. Sorry for the puns, the umpire might have to call a fault on us there…

The adventures continue tomorrow with Adventure Caravan! On Milkshake at 7.10am!

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Wahoo, it’s the weekend! It’s time to jump for joy! Why not use a Jumping Stick? Daddy Pig is a bit of an expert, so let’s get to jumping, eh?

If you’d rather a different type of stick, Racquet Games will be hitting the air tomorrow on Milkshake, 7.10am!

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It’s time for some Sunny Day Games! We know it’s not all that sunny where we are right now, but it’s nice to be aspirational, eh? Watch it now on My5! And leave a comment below - does the episode match your summer weather where you are? 

Tomorrow, come rain or shine, we are settling down to watch a Magic Trick 20 years in the making - you can catch it on Milkshake at 7.10am

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On Wednesdays we go to the Wildflower Wood. Don your best flowery hat, and let’s watch Wildflower Wood now on My5! 

Tomorrow is a chance for some Sunny Day Games - you can catch it on Milkshake at 7.10am!

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Hello Tuesday, and hello Art House Day! It’s time to go on a jaunt with Suzy and Granny Sheep to look at art! Baaalissimo, as Granny Sheep would say! 

The fun doesn’t end there, tomorrow we shall venture into the Wildflower Wood, you can catch it on Milkshake at 7:10am!

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Today Peppa and friends watched the new Super Potato movie! Want to join in? Grab your popcorn and watch Movie Night now on My5!

Tomorrow, we are appreciating art with Granny Sheep in the episode, Art House Day!

Watch it on the telly, tomorrow at 7:10am! 

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This morning we got to ride the Party Bus with Peppa! Hurray!
Missed the party? Catch the next Party Bus anytime you like on My5.

For tomorrow’s new episode, it’s time to get the popcorn ready!
Catch Movie Night tomorrow at 7:10am! 

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We can’t guarantee a white Christmas but we can promise snow in our NEW Peppa Pig episode ‘Igloo’!! Available on my5 now!

We hope you have all been enjoying our new batch of episodes this week. There is even more to come in the new year and we can’t wait to share them with you. 

From all the Karrot team, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
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Time to take a closer look at those glasses in today’s NEW Peppa Pig episode ‘Lenses’! Missed it this morning? Head over to My5 to watch it right now!

Tomorrow, things are turning icy in the NEW Peppa episode ‘Igloo’! Catch it tomorrow at 07:20 on Milkshake, Channel 5.

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A bird emergency? Sounds like a job for Dr Hamster! Catch the NEW Peppa Pig episode ‘Little Swift’ on my5 now! 

From looking after birds to caring for baby rabbits, tomorrow Peppa will be learning all about babies in the NEW episode ‘What Babies Do’@ 7:15am!
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Christmas may be near, but Peppa is eager to get all the work done before the week is through in today’s NEW episode ‘Peppa's Office’! Missed it this morning? Head over to My5 now to watch it right now!

Tomorrow, join Peppa as she flies in the sky like a bird - or at least imagines to - in the NEW episode ‘Little Swift’ on Channel 5's Milkshake at 07:15am!

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Today we're learning all about walkie talkie speech in the NEW Peppa Pig episode, ‘Walkie Talkies’!! Online now on My5!

Tomorrow, Peppa is working from home in the NEW episode ‘Peppa's Office’, catch it tomorrow at 07:15am and on My5 online afterwards!

Over and out!
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It’s time to get (imaginary) cooking! Today’s NEW Peppa episode is ‘Clubhouse Takeaway’!
Missed it on telly? Well don’t fret - watch it on My5 now!!
And to start off the week, we have the NEW episode ‘Walkie Talkies’ which will be on Milkshake, Channel 5 tomorrow morning @ 7:15am! #peppapig #peppapig
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After all those new decorations Granny Sheep has brought into the house, it's time to clear up those boxes! But Granny Sheep has something more creative in mind! Watch the NEW Peppa Pig episode ‘Cardboard Boxes’ online on My5 now!!
And what better way to spend the rest of the weekend than ordering some take-out - catch the NEW Peppa Pig episode ‘Clubhouse Takeaway’ tomorrow @ 7:25am on Milkshake, Channel 5! #peppapig #peppa
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This morning, we welcomed a new character to the Peppa Pig world! 🤩

Granny Sheep, in our new Peppa Pig episode ‘Granny Sheep Moves In’ is voiced by esteemed actress Sandra Dickinson who brings so much spark to the creative soul that is Granny Sheep.

Follow her art-filled adventures in 'Cardboard Boxes' tomorrow morning at 7:20am, and other episodes airing at 7:15am weekdays on Milkshake, Channel 5. 

If you missed this episode on live telly this morning, you can head over to watch it now on My5! 📺
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Christmas has come early this year as it’s time to dive into even more BRAND NEW Karrot-y PEPPA PIG episodes!! 

Starting TOMORROW, UK viewers can watch the first of 9 new Karrot Peppa episodes on Milkshake, Channel 5 (then online at My5 afterwards) between now and the 23rd! 

The fun starts with the episode ‘Granny Sheep Moves In’ @ 7:15am, Friday 15th December.

We are excited for you all to see our team’s hard work!!
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Sarah & Duck returns to the CBeebies channel TONIGHT at 6:48pm with new short made specially for our 10th Anniversary!! Check out the Shallots’ rendition of 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star' during Bedtime Hour, live on air this evening, or right now on BBC iPlayer, along with 7 other new S&D shorts!!
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We're very excited to be on the road with our Sarah & Duck's Big Top Birthday stage show, and these little ones have been keen to shout and give their top reviews in this special montage! ✨

There are still plenty of tickets available to buy for the remainder of the tour, see the link in our bio for more info! 🔗🎟️


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Schoooool's out for summer! 🌞

And to celebrate, look what's coming back to a town near you... it's only the best stage show around 'Sarah & Duck's Big Top Birthday'!

To buy tickets head over to, or head to the link in our bio! 🔗

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We're thrilled to share that our glorious Sarah & Duck stage show 'Sarah & Duck's Big Top Birthday' is back and touring to celebrate the pair's 10th Anniversary!! Catch the performance in theatres across the country, starting this coming Saturday, in the following locations:

Lancaster • Mansfield • Winchester • Leeds • Grantham • Weston-super-Mare • Wycombe • Pershore • Cheltenham • Hexham • Consett • Southport • Wellingborough • Barry • Newport • Hastings • Redhill • Radlett • Barrow-in-Furness • Darwen • Crewe • Tunbridge Wells

See more info and book tickets through the website - link in bio!

Remember to share and tag @sarahandduckofficial  in photos of your experience, we love to see all our fans enjoying the show!!

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Woohoo! We recently received a shiny 100,000 subscribers award for our Sarah & Duck Youtube channel! What an amazing milestone! Thank you to all of our quacky, flappy subscribers for getting us there! If you’ve not joined up yet, go take a look!
(link to the the official Youtube channel on our bio/linktree)
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We’re proud to say that all 4 parts of Peppa’s Cruise Adventure are now on My5 for UK viewers, so you can watch them together as a 20 minute special!! Let us know your favourite parts of the Karrot team’s first ever Peppa Pig episodes! (Find them in Season 7, Episodes 62-65!)
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