• J Fanthorpe says:

    Sarah and Duck is an unalloyed delight, thank you for making what I am pleased to say is my 3yr old son’s favourite show, and if you should ever ask him what the moon eats he’ll tell you Moon eats fudge, without hesitation. 🙂

  • Darrell Jones says:

    What we all want to know is will there be more Sarah and Duck in the future? 3 seasons isn’t enough.

  • Truli says:

    sarah and duck is the best show ever! thank you for all the amazing people who worked on the show and those who currently work at Karrot Animation! 👧🏻🦆

  • Narbi Price says:

    Such brilliant attention to detail, seeing the Tony Hancock The Rebel, alongside Forrest Gump, Amelie and The Grand Budapest Hotel references in the cinema episode was an unexpected treat!

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