Over to you, designers!! 🤩

We're keen to hear from background/props artists, series experience desirable but not essential. Efficiency in Adobe Photoshop a must!

Send us a hello with your lustrous work samples at jobs@wearekarrot.com with the subject headline 'Background party!' 🥳

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It’s the final episode of the new Magic Hands series today, focusing on the song We Are Family by Sister Sledge! But something isn’t right with the Music Machine! 😳

Tune in at 11.20 on @cbeebieshq or on @bbciplayer to see what’s going on!

Happy Monday everyone!
A little while ago we posted about a new and amazing initiative called The Secret Story Draw that helps talented illustrators and animators of colour kick-start their career in the kids’ media industry. The deadline is now fast approaching but fear not, there is still 4 days left!
They’ve got paid internships with a range of studios around the country where you will cultivate your skills with a brilliant mentor to kickstart your creative career.
So what are you waiting for?
Head over to head to thesecretstorydraw.org to check out the stories and start creating!

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It’s our 2nd week of new Magic Hands episodes on @cbeebieshq!

Today’s episode features the Magic Hands take on @ellaeyre's Good Times ✨ Tune in for Magic Hands drum & bass!

New episodes airing at 11:20am on CBeebies all week and available on @bbciplayer (link in bio) 📺

Fancy a bit of a dance? 🕺💃 Well get yourself over to BBC iPlayer where the new series of @magichandstv is streaming now - link in bio! ...

***UPDATE*** Thank you so much to everyone who has sent us their portfolio! We're no longer taking submissions, but have seen some lovely examples of your work, which has helped us recruit for the project. We are now taking time to look through everyone's applications and consider people for future work, so thank you again!

Storyboard artists, we wanna hear from you!!

Drop us a message (with any work examples) to jobs@wearekarrot.com with the subject headline 'I'm a Storyboarder!'

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Happy #EarthDay! 🌎

May oceans be blue, grass be green and Karrots be orange. 🧡🥕


💕 Psst! Hey you! Yeah - YOU! Did you know there's ALL NEW Karrot-made episodes of Love Monster airing on CBeebies this week? You can catch them bright and early at 8.15am or head on over to the iPlayer and catch up there. Oh, you did know? Nice. Pass it on!

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✨Time for a tea break AND an admired animated woman from Karrot Production Manager, Emma!

“The animated woman who inspires me the most is Elastigirl, from The Incredibles.

Elastigirl is a strong female character who is confident, always sure of herself, and always caring for those around her. 

She is the ultimate supermum - Using both her superpowers and her innate abilities as a wife and a mother to unify her family, and protect them at all costs.

Just because she’s a mum, that doesn’t stop her from saving the world!

As a new mum myself, Elastigirl inspires me to be strong and confident, and reminds me that anything is possible, even when you have a tiny human to care for.

In my eyes, every mum is a superhero!”

What a woman!! Do you have any animated super mums you admire? Comment below!

#InternationalWomensMonth2021 #ChoosetoChallenge @theincredibles #Elastigirl #SuperMum

Wow wow WOW, what a week to look forward to - ALL NEW Karrot-made Love Monster eps are airing EVERY DAY THIS WEEK! You can watch them first thing in the morning at 8.15 on CBeebies or catch up with them on iPlayer!

#LoveMonster #cbeebies

Hope everyone is having a relaxing Sunday - and that you remembered the clocks turned back!! To ease us into British Summer Time, we have Karrot Storyboard Artist Alessio telling us about his most admired animated woman, Princess Mononoke:

“Princess Mononoke is objectively one of the best piece of animation ever made. Furthermore, it has a special meaning for me not only because it's the first movie by Studio Ghibli I have ever watched but also because in my opinion it has one of strongest female lead character in history of animation, San aka Princess Mononoke. I've always admired that she's definitely the kind of princess who doesn't need to be saved and instead, she does wathever it takes to save herself the forest where she lives with her family of wolfs. Her courage and ardour when it comes to defend nature are just so strong and sincere. I really hope she can inspire all the viewers to respect the environment and fight for their ideals as she has already done with me.”

I think I can safely say we’re all big fans of Studio Ghibli here at Karrot - and what’s great is they have a wide range of female-led films! Massive Karrot love to @ghibliuk today 💕✨

#InternationalWomensMonth #IWD2021 #PrincessMononoke #Ghibli #ChoosetoChallenge

✨Happy Friday everyone!✨ We have the fourth in our #IWD character inspiration series to share from Karrot Production Assistant, Maria Pullen:

"I can still remember how in awe I was when I first watched Avatar: The Last Airbender as a kid and that awe never really went away. One thing that stuck with me, were their strong female characters and although it’s tough to pick one… Toph is something else. She is fearless, unapologetically witty and can take on any big-shot bender down all without the ability to see! She didn’t let her disability stop her from being the greatest earthbender (and the first metalbender!) in the world. She taught us that you don’t have to be big and mighty to do great things, your resilience will lead you to victory."

Have a great weekend! 🧡🥕

#InternationalWomensMonth #IWD2021
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It's 'Super Fun Day' in Fluffytown today, a day to partake in anything and everything SUPER fun!

But... whatever he seems to try just goes wrong. Every. Single. Time. 😣

Soon enough, Love Monster realises it's not such a bad thing that things haven't worked out how he expected, the most important thing is that he's spent the time trying these activities with his friends by his side - there's not much else he could ask for! *pink heart moment* 💗

You can catch Love Monster episodes everyday on @cbeebieshq at 08:15, or anytime on @bbciplayer!


Karrot Director, Tony Clarke, is here to share his #IWD character: the wonderful Mrs. Brisby!

"To me, the animated woman I value enduringly and most of all is Mrs. Brisby from Don Bluth's, The Secret of NIMH. A seemingly meek woman who must find a way to move her whole house from the path of a coming harvester so her sick son can live. Her selfless devotion to this aim sees her face off against everything a little mouse should be scared of. There's no bravado or swagger in her personality; you can see her fear plainly on her face and it makes the fact she carries on through it all the more impactful. Nowadays, super heroes come equipped with super powers, super villains and tragic back stories but not one has ever shown me the same bravery I see in Mrs. Brisby."

#InternationalWomensMonth #IWD2021 #TheSecretofNIMH #MrsBrisby #ChoosetoChallenge

Friday has arrived! ✨🎉 And we have another wonderful #IWD character share for you from Karrot Senior Animator, Hannah de Spon!

"While this show is quite recent I can’t deny how much impact Scorpia from She-Ra and the Princesses of Power has had on me. As well as being sweet, funny and all around delightful her development in the series shares an important message for women and young girls. While it’s wonderful to be emotionally supportive and patient with your friends (as well as giving great hugs!) that should never be at the cost of your own wellbeing and happiness. Scorpia teaches us that validation doesn’t always have to come from other people, that you matter as you are, and it’s just as important to be kind to yourself as it is to show kindness to others!"

#IWD2021 #SheRa #Scorpia #ChoosetoChallenge

This #InternationalWomensMonth, we're celebrating here at Karrot by giving shoutouts to our favourite 💥ANIMATED💥 women.

Here is Senior Producer, Gillian Iversen, kicking things off with her character choice of the month!

"When we were younger, my siblings and I would all scramble to the sofa to watch the Powerpuff Girls - I resonated with Blossom the most (conveniently, my siblings fit in well to the Bubbles and Buttercup moulds!), and looked up to her leadership and confidence. Sometimes that confidence was slightly misplaced, but I always wanted to emulate that confidence, being a quiet and shy kid myself. While she’s not always right, Blossom was smart, ready to fight (with words or punches!), and loved to care over her siblings."

Plenty more choices will be shared over the course of the month, so keep an eye out for more #InternationalWomensDay content! ✨

Who is your animated woman inspiration? We'd love to hear! Let us know in the comments ⬇️⬇️⬇️

#iwd2021 #ChoosetoChallenge #InternationalWomensMonth #Blossom #powerpuffgirls


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