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We’re delighted to premiere a compilation of 4 x10’’ idents recently completed for Cartoon Network. We were tasked with creating scenarios for four of the channel’s  most popular sets of characters (‘Ben 10’, ‘Adventure Time’, ‘Generator Rex’ and ‘The Amazing World of Gumball’), focusing on how they might interact with the current channel branding environments. We were keen that each ident should reflect the personalities of the very different sets of characters in overall tone (as well as being visually accurate) and hang together well as a set of 4.

We conceived the individual narratives, storyboarded then animated all characters and backgrounds in-house at Karrot HQ (except Tina  the CGI dinosaur, for which we selected shots from the existing ‘Gumball’ show assets from different episodes and created a completely new narrative around them). They were initially produced for Cartoon Network EMEA, they have now started to roll out in America and all over the world after a great initial reception!

We hope you enjoy checking out the finished results below.

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