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Karrot have teamed up with TED-Ed again to produce a set of fun animated lessons on a variety of topics!

After successfully teaming with maths teacher Scott Kennedy last year, this time we first joined forces with Heather Turnbull for the gloriously cartoony ‘A Trip Through Space to Calculate Distance‘. Next we combined with George Zaidan & Charles Morton for a double whammy and produced two slickly designed videos, ‘The Strengths and Weaknesses of Acids & Bases‘ and ‘The Uncertain Location of Electrons‘. Finally we got together with Rose Eveleth to tell the story of ‘The Loathsome, Lethal Mosquito‘.

We had the opportunity to use a variety of styles and techniques to tell each story and saw each one through from initial concept design to animation production. Karrot were excited to learn that the lessons have proved very popular. ‘The Uncertain Location of Electrons‘ received close to a quarter of a million views within the first few days of being posted online and ‘The Loathsome, Lethal Mosquito‘ earned over a million views on YouTube within a week!

Check them out here!

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