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With ratings rising steadily over the course of its premier BBC1 run, One Minute Wonders’ first series finished with episode 13 being the weeks second most watched children’s show in the UK (aged 4-15).

The rest of the top ten included long-established shows like Newsround, Spongebob Squarepants, The Story of Tracy Beaker, Power Rangers and Blue Peter.

Unique TV’s first children’s show, featuring design and animation by Karrot, explores what is happening around the world in each minute of the day. BBC Two morning schedule repeats are on the horizon, but until then the OMW website remains online as a resource for children, parents and teachers, with 260 video clips to explore. Teacher resource blog ‘Teachers Love SMART boards’ discovered the site and called it “a perfect example of an educational website that’s designed to be engaging for children while providing outstanding educational content for the classroom.” Discover it at

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