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Throughout the last year, Karrot has been designing and producing the visual framework and animated items for CBBC’s new fast-paced factual show ‘One Minute Wonders. We’re delighted to announce that the half hour episodes are currently premiering every Monday on BBC1 until March 31st, and will stream on the BBC iplayer for 7 days after each broadcast.

The show is a collage of captivating footage from the BBC archives, new live action material and animated sequences in a myriad of styles. Blink, a wondrous mechanical machine voiced by David Schneider (I’m Alan Partridge, The Day Today) presents fact after fact about things happening around the world every minute, with the help of his cheeky robot sidekick, Missit.

The screen is always bursting with animated fun thanks to the visual minute timers at the base of the screen that add randomness and unpredictability, and the show succeeds in delivering bite-sized nuggets of information in a dynamic and memorable way.

The format enabled Karrot to wildly experiment with the visual style in every segment; each team member was afforded ownership over the design and animation style in their allocated shots, giving the show a freshness and diversity rarely seen in a television series.

Karrot Producer Jamie Badminton says “I’m thrilled that we were able to fill the show with individual artistic voices and provide One Minute Wonders with an atmosphere that instantly makes learning more effective through laughter and surprises.” One Minute Wonders is a Unique Television production for CBBC.

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