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Karrot’s first ever in-house created and produced series is ready for its first broadcast!

We’re thrilled to report that the first 20 episodes of ‘Sarah & Duck’ are completed and will receive their premiere on CBeebies every weekday from 18th February at 4pm until the end of March!

The Karrot Team have been phenomenal in their dedication to the show and we’re really proud of every episode so far – hope you and all the little ones you know enjoy checking them out!

Sarah & Duck’s very own website has just gone live at – There you can watch the series trailer and will find links to their CBeebies, Facebook and Twitter pages so you can stay connected!

Please do help us spread the word and thanks for watching!

A Karrot Entertainment Production

Distributed by BBC Worldwide

Created by Sarah Gomes Harris and Tim O’Sullivan

Producer : Jamie Badminton

Series Director : Tim O’Sullivan

Animation Director : Tim Fehrenbach

Writers: Sarah Gomes Harris and Benjamin Cook

Script Editor : Tim O’Sullivan

Storyboards: Tony Clarke, James Cleland

Series Designer : Sarah Gomes Harris

Art Direction : Annes Stevens, Rebecca Whiteman

Design Team : Rufus Blacklock, Angeliki Charenia, Sarah Crockett, Tanya Scott

Lead Animators: Alastair Park, Rachel Thorn

Animators : Hozen Britto, Jonathan Clarke, Hannah de Spon, David Gray, Kaye Heywood, Simon Taylor, Alex Wilmott

Production Assistants: Graeme Brandham, Jade Duke

Editor: Graham Silcock

Assistant Editor : Sophie Weller

Theme Music : Tim O’Sullivan

Music: Tanera Dawkins

CelAction 2D Support: Andy Blazdell, Simon Lipowicz

Sound and Picture Post : Platform

Voice Record : Music 4

Line Producer : Eleni O’Keeffe, Betti Doherty

Executive Producers : Chris White and Alison Stewart

Executive Producer for BBC Worldwide : Henrietta Hurford-Jones

Karrot, The Studio, 11 Morecambe St, London, SE17 1DX, +44(0)207 703 2080