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This spring we’ve had a great opportunity to work with Discovery Networks’ Animal Planet on the launch of their new kids strand, ‘Animal Planet Club’. The challenge was to provide a complete branding solution that would distinguish this new programming block from the rest of the channel’s output and get the kid audience excited about how they view the animal kingdom.

After a few concepts, all revolving around painting over live-action clips, it seemed that the only way to go was with a sense of humour, and so began the on-screen ‘take over’ of Animal Planet!  Each promo starts with animated scrawling over the top of the original channel visuals, as if a kid has reached into the TV screen and re-drawn it the way they see it (the equivalent of drawing a moustache on Barbara Windsor in the latest TV guide!). By subverting the animal footage we were able to draw funny parallels between ourselves and the wildlife, unlocking a more playful and imaginative Animal Planet.

Karrot designed the block’s logo and wrote, storyboarded and edited the 30 and 60 second, cross- channel promos. We also produced a set of 8 bumpers and channel openers and closers to surround the programming every afternoon. 

Check them out below!

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