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All’s been hectic at Karrot HQ, but we realised that a surprisingly large number of our recent projects are still rather top secret – it prevents us from shouting loudly about them just yet, but we thought we owed you an update about as much of it as possible!

One of our main projects has been working on over 30 minutes of animation for a series of 10 beautiful picture book adaptations videos for Barefoot Books.

We’ve also completed the titles and graphic design for a pre-school live action series pilot for a major digital channel and produced some of our boldest work yet for two upcoming documentaries, featuring animated sections that bring very personal stories to life.

We’ve got some exciting promo spots for Discovery Channel to premiere soon too, but until then, we can share an online pub-based advertisement produced for CellarBright.

Lots of other cats will definitely be let out of their bags soon, but until then, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to see what Karrot can do for you!

Karrot, The Studio, 11 Morecambe St, London, SE17 1DX, +44(0)207 703 2080